The Illinois Symphony Orchestra
Passionate and enthusiastic,
Conductor Karen Lynne Deal
“has been extremely effective in creating symphony
programs that draw in new audiences,” making the
"symphony accessible to thousands."
To Quote A Few
“To Karen - whose musical enthusiams are captivating,
matched only by your charm.”
Isaac Stern    11/1/97

“I have had such a good time... with love,”
Rosemary Clooney     1/24/98

“Rhythmically and in every other way you are the best
and I do love you
4 kisses - one for each cheek!”
Mercedes Ellington     4/4/98

“For Karen, Best wishes and Bravo!”     
Itzhak Perlman     4/21/94

“Thanks Karen, for a great performance.”
William Warfield    1/19/97

“We loved working with you, you’re wonderful.
Our lives are connected.”
Peter, Paul and Mary     5/13/97

The 100 Coolest People, Nashville Life Magazine  5/97
“These folks are leading interesting lives, serving others, creating
great environments, doing good work or turning cool visions into
reality.  These are a few of the people that civilize us.”  “Karen
Lynne Deal, is a fine musical artist, but her work is made even
more impressive because of what she overcomes.”

“Dear Maestra, Congratulations for the absolutely wonderful “Let
Freedom Ring” concert.  Under your direction, the entire evening
was magical and immensely satisfying.  You communicated
powerfully your respect for African American culture and the
gesture surely was not missed.”

Dr. James A. Heffner, President,
Tennessee State University 1/20/98
Karen Lynne Deal
Music Director and Conductor